How to Use a String Line Level

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A well-kept garden is a source of pride and can transform the overall beauty and value of your property.

Some of your projects may include:

  • planning a garden bed
  • Erecting or remodeling pavers, walkways, and

For all of these projects, you will need a string line level to get your angles right.

A string line level is a specific type of spirit level which is used for leveling over long distances. You can attach them to a taught string to determine the level between two stakes in the earth to find level ground.

String line levels are way cheaper than other types of levels. However, allow yourself a bit of preparation and time to ensure you get the best performance possible.

You Will Need:

  • A long length of string
  • A measuring tape
  • A line level
  • Two posts to tie off the ends of the string

Step 1

Tie the string at one corner of the side of the area. Attach the line level to the center of the string using the small hooks on the level.

Step 2

Ensure the string is taught and slide the level up the string. Draw it evenly to prevent sagging. Sags or dips will give you an inaccurate reading.

Step 3

Match the end of the sting to the wall or post. Make any adjustments until the bubble on the line levels out. Tie the string in place.

How to Use the Line Level for Pavers

First, excavate enough space for your paver in the patio or walkway. Make sure that the ground under the paver is level.

For good drainage, slightly grade the ground so that you do not create any flooding along the patio or walkway.

Place the stakes alongside each other. Fasten each end of the string to the wooden stakes. Make space for any adjustments and put the line level in the center of the string.

Wind the string tightly around one of the stakes. Adjust the string accordingly until you reach the level you desire.

Use a measuring stick or tape measure to get the correct distance from the string to the ground to get the depth you need.

Mark points along the string until you get the desired depth. You may have to dig, fill in or tamp the ground as needed to get the correct depth.

Using a Level to Level the Ground

You need two wooden stakes and a length of string. Tie the first end of the string to the stake. Hammer the stake into the ground at the highest point in the area.

Pull the other end of the string and tie it loosely to the other stake. Place the line level on the string at eye level.

Make the needed adjustments until the bubble is resting between both black lines on the vial and secure the sting in place.


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